Complete Solutions in Multi-Residential DHW & Heating

From Pre-Planning to Post-Occupancy

Thermoception Ltd has evolved out of the pressing need for the industry to embrace the best available technology in energy efficiency and sustainability, and a commitment to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Our solutions go beyond ASHP’s and Electric Heaters; we have partnered with the leading manufacturers worldwide in order to provide the most suitable domestic hot water and heating solutions for commercial and domestic property developers and owners across the UK. Our bespoke evaluation tools produce an accurate model determining the specific heating needs of a building or development, in turn enabling us to design optimal, efficient, low carbon, best value solutions for the client, end user, and the environment.

We believe in our service and products so much that we have also become retailers/stockists of the systems which we supply and install, cutting out the middle-man. We can survey, calculate, design, supply, project manage, install, commission and service too.

Pre-Planning & Planning

Energy Consultancy
Predicted SAP (PEA)
DHW & Heating Design
Draft M&E Design

Design & Specification

M&E full specification
Work Schedules
SAP calculations
SBEM calculations

Installation & Commissioning

Supply & Delivery
Contractor Engagement
Full Project Management
As-Built SAP/EPC

Post Occupancy

Hand-Over Packs
Service Agreements

Thermoception - Targeting Zero-net Emmissions

With fossil-fuel free heating and hot water in all new homes

The World Energy Council coined the term ‘Energy Trilemma’ to describe the challenge of meeting rising energy demand without prices becoming un-affordable, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

For multi-residential developers this is becoming even more challenging, as in his Spring Statement 2019, the UK Chancellor announced in their Clean Growth Strategy a ‘Future Homes Standard’ whereby

New UK homes must be built without fossil fuel heating from 2025.

Thermoception believe this ‘impossible’ trinity for in the residential development sector is solvable, through careful design, evolved technology, improved efficiency and a holistic, ‘fabric first’ approach.

More than DHS & Heating Designers or Energy Efficiency Consultants; we have a background in construction and we partner with leading manufacturers of energy efficient DHW and Heating technology to develop solutions tailored for UK multi-residential housing developments.  We survey, calculate, design, supply, project manage, install, commission and service it too.

Our innovative DHW and heating solutions have been designed to exceed not just current SAP2012 and the future SAP10 once the new building regulations are introduced, but to benefit the end user and meet the demands of future energy performance targets set out by the consensus of environment policy initiatives and the Climate Change Act 2008 to reach zero-net emissions by 2050.

Thermoception provides a WIN for the client, a WIN for the end user and a WIN for our Environment

Why Choose Thermoception

More than DHW & Heating Designers or Energy Efficiency Consultants

One point of contact

Dedicated to your project for end-to-end professional service

Tracked Project Management

All your project data centralised in our client 'cloud'

Attract buyers

It's not just about construction costs, our systems have low running and maintenance costs and improve wellbeing

Fast no-nonsense estimates

With our carefully specified and costed models providing you an early cost per flat or per development

Fixed Fee Proposal

Once fully specified we are confident that we know our market and stick to our prices

Guaranteed SAP Pass

Exceeding SAP2012 and SAP10 ready if instructed at planning/design stage or agreed at build stage

The Challenge of Meeting Building Regulations Part L1

Conservation of Fuel and Power in New and Existing Dwellings

  • New build or conversion multi-residential flats/apartment
  • Houses and developments with electric supply only
  • Retrofitting / upgrading from an existing DHW and, or heating system

You understand current building regulations and in particular part L. You accept there is a need to not only pass current building regulations, SAP or EPC but the importance and benefits of improving upon them especially if this can be achieved at similar cost and with many more benefits.

Currently DHW and heating account for 21% of carbon emissions from home use and you therefore face the challenge of reducing carbon emissions and achieve SAP, EPC pass to gain building control approval certification plus wish to consider the future. There are so many factors, products, systems which all play a part, but which is most important, whats the right balance on factors such as Fabric First principles, U-values, thermal bridging, thermal mass, heating and cooling, hot water, lighting, recycling, wellbeing & comfort requirements, air leakage pressure test.

Standards, technology, renewables, products and materials and information are changing so quickly so how do you make the correct choices which provide benefits not only to the client/developer, but also to the end user in terms of low carbon, wellbeing, comfort, low running cost, being aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and low maintenance? Most manufacturers will claim their own systems to be the most energy efficient but it’s not that simple.

What is the most appropriate, fit for purpose and cost effective electric/renewable energy heating and hot water system SAP compliant system?  Where do you find the expertise to design and accurately calculate the heat loss per room?

Current SAP2012 dictates that typical electric only heating and electric only hot water without an introduction of renewables will often fail the SAP. With this knowledge, its typical practice to then look for quick fix solutions that will compensate and edge the project just over the SAP pass rate by considering things like improving U-values, or introducing PV/Solar panels and heat pumps just to bring down the rating in order to achieve a SAP pass. This method of battling to pass SAP is not a practical solution and is not helping to truly lower carbon emissions or improve build quality.

You’re left scratching your head with what direction to take.

Typical Cost Example

New Build Development of Ten One Bedroom Flats

  • Consultation, survey, calcs, drawings, quotation, energy statement, pea, as built sap pass
  • Full Project Management
  • Design of heating system, supply of heaters & controls & cables
  • Design & supply of 150l all in one heat pump with all safety devices for unvented system & pipework & fittings
  • Transportation to site & delivery to point of installation
  • Installation & commissioning of high quality, energy efficient far infrared heating system**
  • Installation & commissioning of an all-in-one air source water heater system
  • Guarantees and hand over pack provided
  • Offer of aftercare
3D rendering  of a Real Estate and construction concept

7000 - 8000 Per Flat

Typical Cost

* For this example, Thermoception’s plumbing responsibilities relates to the installation of the DHW heater/cylinder only. i.e. fitting the cylinder/water heater and pipework and power to it in an airing cupboard. (1st fix hot, cold, waste pipework and second fix plumbing to bathrooms, kitchens etc is not included)

** Complete 1st and 2nd fix supply and installation of the system (from Consumer Unit breaker).

Our Approach

Holistic end-to-end service, from 'Fabric-First' through to End-User

We take an appropriate holistic, fabric-first approach (which requires less energy to heat and cool a dwelling) and then provide the best solution for electric and renewable heating and hot water (which is biggest energy consumption/carbon emission use in a home thus causes the greatest impact on SAP). We specialise in finding simplistic solutions that benefit the developer, the end user and the environment. Our service is particularly beneficial to new multi-residential developments or conversions. However, we also provide the perfect solution to building / heating/ hot water upgrades and retrofits.

Thermoception provide a turnkey service, but can provide the consultancy and sale only.   For turnkey, we take on full responsibility from design to commissioning, plus offer aftercare. Our knowledge not only derives from being construction energy specialists, SAP, NDEA and DEA assessors and consultants, but also from our experience being experienced and successful developers, project managers, principle contractors and contractors.

We know first-hand that theory and practice are not always simple, and we apply our experience to overcome the common problems encountered by clients, developers, architects, designers, site managers, principle contractors, tradesmen and end users.

When engaged at an early stage of planning, we work with your architect to design the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions at design stage. Early involvement provides you with peace of mind that: –

  • Our expert energy consultancy advice will provide you with the best value, most suitable and smoothest way forward avoiding any pitfalls often encountered with new builds and conversions.
  • Your project will be guaranteed SAP pass at best price and value that can't be rivalled for quality, price, overall service.
  • Will take on full ownership and fully project manage. You receive a dedicated, unrivalled professional and expert service at every step of the way from concept through to commissioning and beyond.
  • You will know from the outset the fixed cost and be assured of highest-quality design, products, service performance and support of the products, materials, supply, delivery and installation methods from the outset (assisting the client with budgeting and tendering)
  • You have online, secure access to all of your project content
  • Your end user will be receiving the build quality deserved, with the most suitable heating and DHW systems which provide improved comfort, improved health benefits, low running costs, low carbon emission, energy efficient, user friendly, low maintenance and ongoing support.
  • Your company are playing an active role in reducing the carbon emissions which help the pathway towards the 2050 zero carbon target

Although early engagement is preferred, Thermoception can also be appointed at a later stage of development to overcome any issues you may be facing and are struggling for the most suitable solution

Have a development in pre-planning or underway?

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Hello from our team!

The Thermoception team have over 50 years combined experience in the construction industry and design innovation.

We have nurtured relationships with major leading infrared and energy efficient technology manufacturers globally, and train and hire local contractors in order to provide turnkey next-generation solutions for commercial and domestic property developers and owners across the UK.


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