Thermoception was conceived after I was commissioned as Project Manager and my construction company Probuild Ltd were contracted to undertake a 38-apartment residential conversion plus new build of an office block.

Budget limitations meant that my responsibilities were more than that typically expected of a PM and involved working closely with the architects, calculating, designing and selecting and installing best and most cost-effective solutions for upgrading the thermal efficiency of the building envelope along with selecting and installing most suitable energy efficiency solutions at best price and value for SAP and EPC pass rating.

As with most multi residential developments, a gas supply was not an option. In addition, the existing electric power network was insufficient to serve 38 new residential apartments, so the electric company issued a maximum demand/load per apartment. I therefore faced a very difficult challenge ahead and I explored all systems on the market and build close relationships with manufacturers. As a result, and following my own testing, I found best solutions for that specific project particularly regards the biggest problem of Heating and DHW.

Following my own experience, I spoke with many Building Control Officers, other SAP and EPC assessors, Architects, Designers, M&E consultants, Project Managers and Developers, and all have experienced a similar challenge.

As my expertise and passion is energy efficiency construction, I collaborated with Ashley (my sister) to incorporate Thermoception to provide a turnkey service offering solutions to manage, design and install the most appropriate systems